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Immerse Yourself Into The Soothing Sounds Of No Drama By Blaq Smith 

By Isaac Tugume

If you intend to make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable then it’s highly advisable that you tune in to Blaq Smith’s latest jam dubbed ‘No Drama’, because it’s so perfect for such a day.

This is because no one wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day when they’re in a relationship that’s full of drama and anyone in such a situation would want out like yesterday!

The special message that Blaq Smith delivers for his audience in this song is simple and clear; steer away from all sorts of drama if you intend to enjoy a peaceful and fruitful relationship!

Only a person who doesn’t value the worthiness of their mental and emotional health can get stuck in a relationship that’s full of drama; whoever is sensible enough will make it clear to their partner that they don’t want any more drama.

With ‘No Drama’, which is already being streamed widely on YouTube and digital platforms, Blaq Smith, who is a Congolese artist, is out to stir up a bit of self-reflection, especially among lovers, wanting them to crosscheck whether or not there’s drama in their relationships.

Make sure you say no to all kinds of drama in your love life and if you don’t know how, then simply tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube.

 ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Becomes Aphrodisiac



Nina Roz

This is because it has been discovered that whenever two lovers listen to ‘Nwanilaako’, they all of a sudden start getting the tingly feeling of wanting to unite into one!

With sensational lyrics that can even melt a heart of stone and a rhythm that’s so alluring, ‘Nwanilaako’ is the melody that every couple in a meaningful relationship is listening to together nowadays because in this jam Nina Roz paints a picture of what true love should be like.

It’s therefore not by luck that over 91K fans are streaming ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube; it’s because the song is commanding attention from Nina Roz’s fans in all corners of the country and it’s just a matter of time before it goes viral on the airwaves.

Having positioned herself as a versatile artist over the years, Nina Roz is here to prove that she is indeed on top of her game and we can assure you that anyone who doubts that hasn’t streamed ‘Nwanilaako’ yet!

Click the link above to vibe with Nina Roz as you enjoy ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube.