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 Boondocks Gang Strikes Sensitive Chord With ‘Maisha Yako’


By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone trio Boondocks Gang is causing mayhem in Kenya with their freshest release dubbed ‘Maisha Yako’, a jam that commands the attention of everyone who comes across it because it carries a very important message for the whole world.

‘Maisha Yako’, which dropped on YouTube and digital platforms last week, has not only become a popular street anthem in Kenya but also a song that people of all ages are listening to because in this jam Boondocks Gang tells a story that concerns virtually everyone.

In ‘Maisha Yako’, a Swahili phrase that translates to ‘It’s your life’ in the English language, the Boondocks Gang calls out to everyone to live their own life and stay true to themselves, because everyone was created for a purpose in life.

They thus call on people to concentrate on living their own lives instead of interfering in other people’s lives as is the case in most parts of the world.

Being a song that attempts to root for harmony and peaceful living, with highlights of some  of the hustles people go through to live the life God gave them, ‘Maisha Yako’ is increasingly becoming one of the popular jams not only in Kenya but also other Swahili speaking countries, because the message that  Boondocks Gang passes forward in the song is crystal clear!

Join the thousands of fans streaming ‘Maisha Yako’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.

Boondocks Gang Proves They Mean Business In ‘Maisha Yako’



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone group Boondocks Gang, who dropped a fresh tune this week dubbed ‘Maisha Yako’, seems to be out to let everyone know that they mean business in this music thing!

Returning to the music arena with a bang following a brief hiatus, Boondocks Gang is already causing tremors in Kenya with ‘Maisha Yako’, a song that’s commanding the attention of thousands of people.

One of the captivating jams that have since kicked off their musical calendar for this year, ‘Maisha Yako’ is an all-time reminder to everyone that Boondocks Gang is not a team of jokers but formidable entertainers.

In this particular song, the Boondocks Gang focuses on the complexities of life, painting an image of why everyone should mind their life instead of meddling with other’s lives because everyone has burdens to endure.

This studio project is a true testimony to the fact that Boondocks Gang is here to stay and that nothing or no one is about to distract them from getting on top of their game!

Go stream the jam on YouTube by tapping the link above.





 Boondocks Gang Mash Up Kenya With ‘Maisha Yako’


By Isaac Tugume

Veteran Gengetone group Boondocks Gang is mashing up the Kenyan music scene with their latest drop dubbed ‘Maisha Yako’, a song that is taking thousands by surprise because of the attention it’s garnering from various corners of the country!

‘Maisha Yako’, which can be translated from Swahili to mean ‘It’s your life’ in English, is a very powerful jam in which Boondocks Gang is out to let their fans know that everyone on earth lives their own life and that they should live it to the fullest.

With ‘Maisha Yako’, which is a mega comeback for the group, Boondocks Gang is here not to just entertain their fans but to deliver for their audience a life-changing song that everyone ought to make their closest companion.

The thousands of YouTube views that ‘Maisha Yako’ is posting daily are enough to prove to everyone that Kenyans have since welcomed this jam with open arms, especially because many of them easily identify with the theme of the song and the lyrics.

Don’t be surprised when this track starts topping charts in Kenya and other parts of East Africa soon, because it’s a song through which Boondocks Gang speaks directly to the people.

With just a single tap on the link above everyone can stream ‘Maisha Yako’ on YouTube but don’t forget that the song is also available on digital platforms.


Boondocks Gang Reunite On Fresh Massive Tune ‘Maisha Yako’



By  Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone group Boondocks Gang is back in the mix with a fresh banger dubbed ‘Maisha Yako’, which debuted on YouTube and digital platforms over the weekend.

‘Maisha Yako’, which officially thrusts Boondocks Gang back into the limelight, is a song that delves into the complexities of life, highlighting the hustles people go through to earn a living and why we should all thank God for the life He has given us.

Focusing on the day-to-day lifestyle of the common man, ‘Maisha Yako’, which loosely translates from Swahili into English to mean ‘Your Life’, is not only a massive comeback for Boondocks Gang but also a song that easily resonates with their audience.

Although Boondocks  Gang had been off the Kenyan music radar for quite long, their return to the Gengetone arena comes at a time when rumours about their purported ‘split’ had started circulating online and, with ‘Maisha Yako’, they now completely dispel those rumours!

The group, which is already back in studio working on new music projects to be released later this year, consists of three talented artists who include; Odi wa Murang’a, Exray Taniua and Maddox.

Go stream ‘Maisha Yako’ on YouTube by tapping the link above, although the jam is also available on your favourite digital platforms.