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King Baganda Strikes Again With Fresh Hot Single ‘Fimbo’




By Isaac Tugume

Fast-rising Congolese artist King Baganda continues to prove that he has no chills when it comes to dropping hot jams and as you read this, he has done it again, this time round unleashing a sizzling new single dubbed ‘Fimbo’.

‘Fimbo’, a studio project that further cements King Baganda’s position as a formidable artist, is now available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, giving his fans a multiplicity of options for where to access his music.

King Baganda contends that ‘Fimbo’, which is a Swahili word to mean a cane or whip, is a jam he composed for a beautiful woman he was in love with, whose beauty he claims whipped or caned him emotionally every time he was with her.

A very sensational jam, ‘Fimbo’ is a song rich in metaphors and allegory, thanks to King Baganda’s exceptional creativity, which gives his fans a very thrilling listening experience.

It should, however, be noted that ‘Fimbo’, which is a song that is bound to rock the entire East African region, comes on the heels of King Baganda’s other singles titled ‘Monica’, ‘Nichalewa’ and ‘Kolokolo’, which he released recently.

Make sure to tap the link above to stream ‘Fimbo’ on YouTube because it is a must-listen!


King Baganda Drops Debut Single ‘Monica’ ft. G-Wills



By Isaac Tugume

Budding Uganda-based  Congolese musician King Baganda has released a sizzling new jam dubbed ‘Monica’, which is a massive collabo with his comrade on the mic G-Wills.

A very explosive Amapiano tune, ‘Monica’, which is his debut single, officially unveils King Baganda onto the East African music scene as an artist who is here to take the Amapiano genre in Uganda to another level.

Now available on YouTube and digital streaming platforms, ‘Monica’ is a good vibe song in which King Baganda sings about a woman he adores because of her stunning beauty and the way she makes him feel whenever he is with her.

What’s even more unique about this song is that, unlike most Ugandan artists, King Baganda performs the jam in English and with a style that gives it an international appeal, hence positioning it for a global audience.

‘Monica’ is therefore by all means bound to thrust King Baganda into the limelight of the East African music scene and it won’t be long before his fans in other countries also catch the vibe.

A multi-talented artist, King Baganda is a very promising musician currently doing his thing under Musoni Music and we urge you to support him by tapping the link above to stream his banger ‘Monica’ on YouTube.