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‘Live Original’ By Khemi Tunez Is Timeless


By Isaac   Tugume

Khemi Tunez, a Ghanaian artist, has on YouTube a very electrifying video dubbed ‘Live Original’, which is a song that shall forever remain not only entertaining but also relevant to society.

One of his major studio projects, ‘Live Original’ is keeping Khemi Tunez in the limelight and has since positioned him as an artist whose music is intended to positively impact people who listen to it, especially the youth who make up his target audience.

In ‘Live Original’ Khemi Tunez calls out people who live fake lives to stop it, letting them know that when they live a life of pretense they not only hurt themselves but even their loved ones.

He makes it known to everyone that they should live true to themselves to avoid being labeled as hypocrites and pretenders by people around them.

It’s a very enjoyable song through which Khemi Tunez delivers a powerful message to the whole world, not just his fans in Ghana because people who live fake lives exist in every country on earth.

Spare a moment to click the link above to stream ‘Live Original’ on YouTube for a real feel of this jam!




Khemi Tunez Back In The Mix With Hot Single ‘Solo Love’




By Isaac Tugume

Ghanaian singer Khemi Tunez, who is known for his scintillating jams, has returned with a new sensational jam titled ‘Solo Love’, which is so emotional that it is melting hearts across Ghana.

‘Solo Love’, now available on YouTube and digital platforms, takes the storyline of a man who can’t wait to meet a woman who he regards as the love of his life because he is fed up with being lonely and feeling unloved.

With ‘Solo Love’  Khemi Tunez, who is known for his captivating tunes, returns to once again spread the endless love that he has always had to share with his audience because it’s such a powerful jam.

Thanks to his creativity that is almost out of this world, Khemi Tunez showcases a fusion of genres that defies traditional classification through this track, providing listeners with a unique auditory experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

It is important to note that the great music he keeps dropping on the Ghanaian entertainment scene has not only propelled Khemi Tunez into the spotlight but also facilitated a seamless connection with a diverse global audience, which is helping to fast-track his career.

Make it a point to stream ‘Solo Love’ immediately on YouTube by tapping the link above!