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‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx, Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Rocks Africa




By Isaac Tugume

Several countries across Africa are already feeling the heat being ignited by ‘Bad Man Do’, a pulsating jam by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx, Ugandan vocalist Emilian Starz and LBK Nandeboy from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A massive tune that came about as a result of combined forces, ‘Bad Man Do’ is not only rocking Nigeria, Uganda, and DRC but also other African countries like Rwanda, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, to mention but a few.

Indeed, comments and testimonies are coming in from fans who have already felt the ‘Bad Man Do’ vibe in different countries, and here below are some of them;

Junybendoofficiel597: ‘Love from Côte d’Ivoire’, while Takidodaniel743 says; “Listening from Juba…..it’s a banger’ and User-vh1jc1bd2h says that; “Love from Rwanda…Johnny’!

We cannot agree any more or less than these and other fans in different countries who are vibing to ‘Bad Man Do’, because this track is real fire, thanks to Johnny Benzx’s mastery of his musical craft!

Believe it or not, ‘Bad Man Do’ is much more than just a song, because it’s a studio project that marks a significant milestone on the African music scene, showcasing the collective synergy and musical influence these artists bring about when they work on a song together

We thus invite you to stream ‘Bad Man Do’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.