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 ‘Body Count’ By Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua & Fathermoh Out Now On YouTube




By Isaac Tugume

The Kenyan music scene has been taken by storm with a new banger dubbed ‘Body Count’, done by Gengetone heavyweights Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua, and Fathermoh.

Readily available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Body Count’ is a blistering all-star hit that once again showcases the great music talent there is in Kenya, thanks to the creative ensemble of Exray, Fathermoh, and Heavy Cane.

This song, which is performed with a target audience being mainly the youths, alludes to the many intimate encounters men have had and why they keep having them because at the end of the day, every body counts!

It takes the storyline of guys boasting their prowess to run through many women, and likening themselves to the Biblical King Solomon, who had several women and was one of the men in the history of mankind who were able to manifest the natural dominance of males over females.

We all know that guys naturally want to nail as many babes as they can and because of this, ‘Body Count’ is a jam that will instantly resonate with thousands of them; actually, the number of streams that the song is already attracting on YouTube can easily attest to this.

Guys, now is the time to experience ‘Body Count’ and if you haven’t listened to it yet, tap the link above to stream the audio on YouTube now!