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 ‘Go Down’ By Johnny Benzx & Emilian Starz Is Incredible



By Isaac Tugume

One of the hottest joints rocking the African music scene currently is ‘Go Down’, an explosive banger by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx and budding Ugandan female musician Emilian Starz, which is booming in nightclubs and bars.

A sizzling fusion of Afrobeats and Afropiano tunes, ‘Go Down’ is the ultimate fire-starter for anyone who wants to have a party no matter what time of day it is.

This blend of Johnny Benzx’s explosive voice and Emilian Starz’s sensational piping has turned into an irresistible party tune that is charming listeners from various corners of the continent who are fervently streaming the audio on YouTube, while others are downloading the song from digital platforms.

Most importantly, however, ‘Go Down’ is a song that cuts across different audiences, especially because it’s not limited to any particular music genre and this is already making the track spread far and wide.

What makes ‘Go Down’ unique from all other jams done by Nigerian artists is that the verses are filled with passion and a deep connection to the song’s themes, which offers listeners a genuine slice of Africa’s urban musical spirit.

Good news is that the song is now available for streaming on YouTube and all you got to do is tap the link above!