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‘Men Can Lie’ Video By Vic West, Brandy Maina, Teslah & Brandy Main Sparks Anxiety




By Isaac Tugume

The pending release of the music video for ‘Men Can Lie’, a banger by Vic West, Teslah, Sylvia Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, is causing untold anxiety in Kenya and parts of East Africa, as fans eagerly wait for it to drop!

The ‘Men Can Lie’ video is scheduled for release on YouTube this Friday, January 19th, 2024 but fans can’t wait till then and many of them have already kicked off the countdown to the drop.

‘Men Can Lie’ is a song that delves into the complexities of relationships, focusing on the sweet lies men tell the women they want to lay.

Being both a pulsating club banger and a song that tackles real-life situations, ‘Men Can Lie’ has continuously become popular in East Africa and other parts of the continent, especially because it’s a known fact the world over that indeed men tell lots of lies to women.

With over 162K YouTube views, ‘Men Can Lie’ became a hit shortly after the release of the audio but truth be told, this is just the beginning of a very long journey for the song, all thanks to Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru and Brandy Maina’s creativity.

Please tap the link above to check out the ongoing premiere as you wait for the video to drop on Friday!