‘Sijai Kuona’ By Nelly The Goon Debuts On Spotify



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone star Nelly The Goon has dropped a fresh jam dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is now available for streaming on Spotify, although very soon it will debut on YouTube too!

A track that comes as a huge surprise from Nelly The Goon for many Gengetone enthusiasts, ‘Sijai Kuona’ is a song that is bound to spark controversy on the Kenyan music scene, especially because he focuses on issues that will tickle some people hard.

In ‘Sijai Kuona’, Nelly The Goon lashes out at people who live fake lives by pretending to have made it big in life and appear to the public like they are well-off, yet they are not.

He also raises the heat for people who claim to be connected with important figures like celebrities, tycoons, and politicians who don’t even know them.

With this tune, it seems Nelly The Goon is not just out to entertain but to also urge people to try as much as possible to live their real lives, instead of living a life of pretense.

Please tap the link above to stream ‘Sijai Kuona’ on Spotify but don’t forget that this banger is soon dropping on other digital platforms too!







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