Ivoltage Releases Debut Single ‘Nesunga’



By Isaac Tugume

Uganda is a country that is very rich in music talent and almost every day a new musician is born; well, the new kid on the block now is dancehall artist Ivoltage, who has a new single dubbed ‘Nesunga’.

‘Nesunga’ is a very motivational song through which Ivoltage calls upon everyone who is chasing a dream not to give up because achieving success is just around the corner.

A very captivating jam that’s bound to enjoy massive airplay throughout the country, ‘Nesunga’ is a song for people of ages and occasions and the thrill it erupts for everyone who listens to it is so unbeatable!

A talented, budding artist, Ivoltage, real name Kabuye Majwega Ivan, is a budding musician, who is out to showcase to the world his vast musical potential.

Regardless of age and other aspects, Ivoltage, who is doing his thing under Musoni Music, realized his talent when he was still in kindergarten and has since then been pursuing his dream of becoming a superstar in Uganda.

Born and raised in Bulenga, Wakiso District, Ivoltage is pursuing his music career under the guidance and support of his father, Mr. Majwega Levi, who also doubles as his manager.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Nesunga’ on YouTube.


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