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Saga Icey Spices Up Valentine’s Day With Debut Single ‘Lose You’


By Isaac Tugume

Saga Icey, a very promising female Ugandan artist, has made everyone’s Valentine’s Day better by dropping a sizzling love ballad titled ‘Lose You’.

A very soulful jam, ‘Lose You’, which is Saga Icey’s debut single, is now available on YouTube and digital platforms via Musoni Music, where she is currently doing her thing.

‘Lose You’ is a song about a woman who is so deeply in love with a man she is afraid to lose, so she assures him of her conviction to do everything within her might to keep him.

What better message would any man want to hear from his beloved woman than this, especially on Valentine’s Day, when couples around the world are celebrating love?

We can thus ably assure you that ‘Lose You’ is a song that several couples will find so appealing and what’s special about this jam is that Saga Icey targets a global audience and because of this, she performs the jam mostly in English.

If you therefore intend to listen to some soothing music as you cozy up with your better half today, you should include ‘Lose You’ on your Must-play List.

Simply tap the link above to stream and or download the song on YouTube right now!

Tanzanian Rapper Blvck Queen Drops Debut Single ‘Ukicheat’


By Isaac Tugume

Female Tanzanian rapper Blvck Queen has unleashed a volatile tune dubbed ‘Ukicheat’, which dropped today on YouTube and all digital platforms.

A very pulsating dancehall jam, ‘Ukicheat’, which is her debut single via Black Market Records, officially unveils Blvck Queen on the East African music landscape.

In ‘Ukicheat’, Blvck Queen tells a story of a woman who is in a relationship where a man mistreats her, spends longer hours in bars than at home, and cheats on her so much that she can’t take it anymore.

To say ‘Ukicheat’ is a massive club banger is indeed an understatement because Blvck Queen goes off the hook as she splits lyrics and drops the bars, making this track a real dancehall frenzy.

It is a fact the world over that almost every couple in a relationship faces the challenges that Blvck Queen presents in this song and chances are high that ‘Ukicheat’ is bound to garner lots of attention not only in Tanzania but also in other countries across East Africa.

Good thing this sizzling jam is now available on YouTube so relax, take a deep breath, and tap the link above to blast away your weekend!

Congolese Artist Blaq Smith Drops Debut Single ‘No Drama’


By Isaac Tugume

Fast-rising Congolese musician Blaq Smith, a member of the singing duo the Beni Boyz, has released a new jam dubbed ‘No Drama’, which happens to be his debut single.

Although Blaq Smith has been performing for quite a long time under Beni Boyz, this time round he decided to diversify into solo projects, in a bid to take his music career to another level.

Just like the title goes, Blaq Smith is out to let the world know through this jam that he has no more time for drama in his life, because he means business.

In ‘No Drama’, Blaq Smith delivers a vibey Afrobeat tune in which he addresses his past partner about the tumultuous relationship they had and how it affected them both.

Being a very relatable song, ‘No Drama’ will surely resonate well with anyone who has had a turbulent relationship that consists of daily drama, hence the title of the track, which explains the message Blaq Smith intends to deliver to his audience.

A studio project that officially unveils him on the East African music scene as a formidable entertainer, ‘No Drama’ is not only a thrilling jam but also a highly uplifting song.

Click the link above to stream ‘No Drama’ on Spotify but you can check out the link file below to stream the song on other digital platforms.


‘Bonjour’ By Neliah Debuts On Spotify & Other Digital Platforms



By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artist Neliah has released her long-awaited single dubbed ‘Bonjour’, which is now available on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms, and is soon flooding airwaves throughout the country.

A jam that will hit everyone differently, ‘Bonjour’ is a song that returns Neliah to the Ugandan music scene with intense veracity, especially because it’s a very pulsating party tune.

‘Bonjour’ is a massive tune in which Neliah unleashes for her audience a captivating fusion of infectious beats, guaranteeing an irresistible rhythm that will have every listener nodding and tapping their feet as they vibe to this jam.

With this ‘Bonjour’, Neliah delivers a danceable snare, accompanied by a subtle yet undeniable baseline that seamlessly ties all elements of the song into a delectable musical experience that every listener will find so appealing and tempting to replay.

Known for her sweet sensational voice, Neliah delivers ‘Bonjour’ with one intent; to spread positive vibes and endless joy among her fans, no matter who they are or where they are enjoying this jam from, and, don’t be surprised if hearing it booming in your favourite nightclub or bar.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Bonjour’ on Spotify but don’t forget that it is also available on other digital platforms; check out the link file below;









Ivoltage Releases Debut Single ‘Nesunga’



By Isaac Tugume

Uganda is a country that is very rich in music talent and almost every day a new musician is born; well, the new kid on the block now is dancehall artist Ivoltage, who has a new single dubbed ‘Nesunga’.

‘Nesunga’ is a very motivational song through which Ivoltage calls upon everyone who is chasing a dream not to give up because achieving success is just around the corner.

A very captivating jam that’s bound to enjoy massive airplay throughout the country, ‘Nesunga’ is a song for people of ages and occasions and the thrill it erupts for everyone who listens to it is so unbeatable!

A talented, budding artist, Ivoltage, real name Kabuye Majwega Ivan, is a budding musician, who is out to showcase to the world his vast musical potential.

Regardless of age and other aspects, Ivoltage, who is doing his thing under Musoni Music, realized his talent when he was still in kindergarten and has since then been pursuing his dream of becoming a superstar in Uganda.

Born and raised in Bulenga, Wakiso District, Ivoltage is pursuing his music career under the guidance and support of his father, Mr. Majwega Levi, who also doubles as his manager.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Nesunga’ on YouTube.


Emilian Starz Unveils Lyric Video For Captivating Single ‘Nvuga’


By Isaac Tugume

The official lyric video for ‘Nvuga’, an electrifying jam by Ugandan artist Emilian Starz, is now available for streaming on YouTube and fans can now rhyme along to the tune as they listen to it.

The video breaks down the verses, hook, and chorus in the song, making vibing to ‘Nvuga’ as easy as munching crisps while grooving on a sunny day!

A very thrilling ballad, ‘Nvuga’ is an emotional expression of undying love that spews forth from the depths of a woman’s heart; it’s a narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and passion.

It’s not every day that we find a woman surrendering her everything to a man so much that she is even willing to let him drive her as if she were his car; that’s the picture Emilian Starz paints in Nvuga.

To all ladies out there, in case you intend to give your man a memorable weekend, there is no better way to do it than relaxing in his arms all day long as you both listen to ‘Nvuga’, because the jam will take you on a love-filled ride before you even realise it!

Simply tap the link above to stream the ‘Nvuga’ lyric video on YouTube to enjoy this sweet tune.










Damboddo AD Drops Fresh Banger ‘Dudunkwe’


By Isaac Tugume

Amapiano artist Damboddo AD has unleashed a sizzling single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, a song that’s likely to change the Ugandan music landscape as we know it.

‘Dudunkwe’ is a very energetic dance tune that Damboddo performs with an electrifying vibe and if all goes as planned, this jam is set to become the new street anthem in Kampala and other parts of the country.

Known for his unique and compelling performances, Damboddo’s latest release ‘Dudunkwe’ is a song that promises to engage and resonate with his audience in profound ways, especially because it’s an instant stress-killer and antidepressant combined in one!

With ‘Dudunkwe’, which is soon circulating on airwaves across the country, Damboddo gives Ugandans more than a million reasons to storm the nearest bar or nightclub, because it is a sizzling dancehall sensation.

This is the kind of song you would want to listen to any time of the day, and if you’re the kind of person who sometimes finds themselves needing to fire up their spirits, ‘Dudunkwe’ is the ideal solution for you.

Go stream the jam on YouTube by simply tapping the link above because ‘Dudunkwe’ is the ultimate jam to fire up your weekend.



‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Debuts On YouTube & Digital Platforms



By Isaac Tugume

Vocal goddess Emilian Starz has blessed Uganda with a fresh tune titled ‘Nvuga’, which debuted today on YouTube and digital streaming platforms (DSPs)

‘Nvuga’ is a sensational Afropop melody that is bound to bring all lovers in the house closer to each other, mainly because it’s a very thought-provoking ballad that triggers intense euphoria for listeners.

In ‘Nvuga’ Emilian Starz makes use of metaphors and allegories as she describes how much she loves her man, to the extent that she wants him to drive her like a car because he knows all the directions she wants him to take her.

We all know that love is a gift that was granted to man by God, but the best way to enjoy love is hooking up with a person you sync with perfectly and this is what Emilian Starz tries to make known to everyone in ‘Nvuga’!

Indeed, ‘Nvuga’ is a powerful love song that will keep couples catered for on Valentine’s Day and throughout February, which is a season known all over the world for celebrating love.

We invite you to tap the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube but don’t forget that you can also enjoy the jam on Spotify, Mdundo, Boomplay, and other digital platforms.



Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Unveil Sizzling New Single ‘Wish’




By Isaac Tugume

Dynamic singing duo the Nandeboyz, a group that hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has unleashed a brand-new jam titled ‘Wish’, which is bound to rock East Africa for eternity.

In ‘Wish’ Nandeboyz are out to warn everyone to desist from wishing others bad things because the misfortune you wish for someone else can befall you!

Performed in Swahili, Lingala, and a bit of English, ‘Wish’ is a song that comes with all indications of becoming a thriller in East Africa, since Nandeboyz target a multiplicity of audiences with this tune that speak the three languages.

The beats and rhythm of the song are in perfect sync with the message that Nandeboyz intend to deliver to their audience and because of this, chances are high that the song will resonate well with their fans.

A very thought-provoking song, ‘Wish’ is not just a mere musical masterpiece but also some sort of food for thought, especially for people who are fond of wishing others bad luck.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube, because this is a song that everyone ought to spare some time to listen to if you live a harmonious and fruitful life.



Fresh Banger ‘Wafada’ By Dynaso Wegoso Drops On YouTube


By Isaac Tugume

Promising Ugandan dancehall music artist Dynaso Wegoso has released a new single dubbed ‘Wafada’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms.

A very explosive tune that’s bound to blow off rooftops in nightclubs and bars, ‘Wafada’ is a jam that follows up Dynaso Wegoso’s debut single titled ‘Tujja Tujja’, for which he dropped a video a few weeks ago.

True to his legacy, ‘Wafada’ is another freestyle party tune from Dynaso Wegoso, which is here to cause mayhem on the Ugandan music scene for a long time to come.

A very creative and versatile artist, Dynaso Wegoso once again serves the Ugandan audience a unique, hilarious musical experience that many of his fans will find difficult to get enough of!

With this studio project, Dynaso Wegoso goes a notch higher at solidifying his position as an artist who is here to conquer the dancehall music scene and to point other artists in the right direction regarding this genre.

Get ready to immerse yourselves in this tantalizing jam because all you have to do is hit the link above to stream ‘Wafada’ on YouTube!