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‘Make Way’ By Unspoken Salaton & Riff Turns Up Heat In E. Africa


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton teamed up with budding Ugandan dancehall artist Riff on a tune dubbed ‘Make Way’, which is ripping the East African party scene apart!

‘Make Way’, which is a reverberating party jam, is currently one of the songs rocking fans all the way from Nairobi to Kampala, Dar-es-Salaam to Juba, and Kigali to Kinshasa.

A song with the potential to turn up the heat on the dancehall the instant it starts playing, ‘Make Way’ is so off the hook because it’s the kind of music that sets the audience on fire!

Being a combination of sizzling Ugandan Afribeats and Gengetone vibes, ‘Make Way’ is a flavoured tune that doesn’t need any seasoning, because it’s already a delectable party extravaganza.

This studio project, which is Riff’s sophomore video, highlights his astounding evolution as an artist and his ability to push boundaries within the music industry, which will eventually see him get on top of his game.

Riff is formerly a member of the Ugandan dance group the Zari Dancers Africa, who decided to pursue a solo career,  and, based on ‘Make Way’ and the other songs he has dropped so far, he is evidently on the right track!

Go stream the  ‘Make Way’ video on YouTube by clicking the link above.




Can You Give Her That Steamy Ride?



By Isaac Tugume

Guys, did you know that ladies enjoy rides, especially if the rides are not only sensual but also steamy and sweet? Well, if you do, then ‘Nvuga’, a jam by Ugandan female artist Emilian Starz, is your kind of thing!

In ‘Nvuga’, Emilian Starz is here to give men a few tips on how to spoil their ladies with so much passion and romance, noting that this is what can easily make a woman surrender her everything to a man.

Emilian Starz envisions a woman as being a car that is supposed to be driven by her man, taking her on romantic adventures and giving her sweltering rides with the intent to fully satisfy all her needs and desires, or rather drive the car to its desired destinations.

‘Nvuga’ is a song that speaks volumes, especially about men who always give their ladies memorable between-the-sheets moments, although it’s also ideal to vibe to on a chilly night during a hangout with your buddies.

With over 25K YouTube views and counting, no one can refute the fact that ‘Nvuga’ is a song that’s getting deeply entrenched in the hearts of several Ugandans, thanks to Emilian Starz’s charming vocals and creativity.

With just one tap on the link above you too can stream ‘Nvuga’  on YouTube.



Nina Roz To Premiere ‘Nwanilaako’  Video On Bukedde TV


By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan musician Nina Roz is set to officially unveil her latest music video dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’ today, on popular local station Bukedde TV.

Nina Roz will be the official guest artist on Bukedde TV’s lunch-hour show called Oluyimba Lwo, during which she will premiere ‘Nwanilaako’, a song that has since changed the Ugandan music landscape for the better.

But, besides premiering the ‘Nwanilaako’ video, Nina Roz, who will be at the TV station for an exclusive interview, will also share with Bukedde TV viewers all about her music journey, taking the audience through the ups and downs in the industry, plus some of her successful studio projects like ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Wangi’, ‘Kikole’, ‘Enyonta’, among others.

Confirming her appearance on Bukedde TV today, Nina Roz posted on X (Twitter) that;

“One of the most expensive things you could ever do is pay attention to the wrong people.

“Olwasoka nti elyo buba ………!! Join me on @bukeddetv #oluyimbalwo 1pm #nwanilako”

Well, let’s all make sure to tune in to Bukedde TV at 1:00Pm, because today’s show is not only spiced and flavoured up but is also unmissable.

But don’t forget that the ‘Nwanilaako’ video is already being streamed by over 120K fans on YouTube and you too can join them by tapping the link above.



Tanzanian Rapper Blvck Queen Drops Debut Single ‘Ukicheat’


By Isaac Tugume

Female Tanzanian rapper Blvck Queen has unleashed a volatile tune dubbed ‘Ukicheat’, which dropped today on YouTube and all digital platforms.

A very pulsating dancehall jam, ‘Ukicheat’, which is her debut single via Black Market Records, officially unveils Blvck Queen on the East African music landscape.

In ‘Ukicheat’, Blvck Queen tells a story of a woman who is in a relationship where a man mistreats her, spends longer hours in bars than at home, and cheats on her so much that she can’t take it anymore.

To say ‘Ukicheat’ is a massive club banger is indeed an understatement because Blvck Queen goes off the hook as she splits lyrics and drops the bars, making this track a real dancehall frenzy.

It is a fact the world over that almost every couple in a relationship faces the challenges that Blvck Queen presents in this song and chances are high that ‘Ukicheat’ is bound to garner lots of attention not only in Tanzania but also in other countries across East Africa.

Good thing this sizzling jam is now available on YouTube so relax, take a deep breath, and tap the link above to blast away your weekend!

Are You Tired Of The Love Drama In Your Life?



By Isaac Tugume

Have you ever been in a situation where there’s so much drama in your love life that you reach a point where you can’t take it anymore?

Well, that’s the situation Congolese singer Blaq Smith describes in his debut single ‘No Drama’, which is now available on YouTube and digital platforms.

‘No Drama’ takes the storyline of a man who is in a troubled relationship because his woman keeps throwing tantrums about everything, which bothers him until he reaches the extent of walking away, because he doesn’t want any more drama in his life.

In this tune, which is a mixture of Congolese vibes and Urban Afrobeats, Blaq Smith presents a highly relatable situation, because so many people, no matter their age, easily identify with what he sings about in ‘No Drama’.

But that’s not all, Blaq Smith has taken ‘No Drama’ to another level by unveiling the lyric video for this jam, so that listeners can get more familiar with the song as they enjoy its vibe.

A multi-talented artist, Blaq Smit, who is a member of Congolese singing group Beni Boyz, has since positioned himself as an artist whose mission is to release music that positively impacts people’s lives.

And, with a very uplifting song like ‘No  Drama’, it’s obvious that he is definitely on the right track!



‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Is So Fly



By Isaac Tugume

If you are into music that is so lit and comes with fresh vibes, then ‘Men Can Lie’, a palpitating jam by Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina, and Ssaru is the right selection for you!

A certified hit, ‘Men   Can Lie’ is one of the songs that feature on playlists for several DJs across East Africa and beyond, because it has since become a must-play at almost every hangout in Kenya and other countries.

Performed with a captivating flow and catchy rhythm, ‘Men Can Lie’ is another studio project that showcases Vic West’s range of creativity and versatility as an artist, reason why the video is being streamed by over 332K fans on YouTube and counting.

In ‘Men Can Lie’, Vic West brings out his unique ability to weave words into emotive rhythms, which he transmits to Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, who make it more evident throughout the track.

Indeed, ‘Men Can Lie’ dropped like a bombshell on the Kenyan music scene and took everyone by storm, because it’s a song that focuses on the complexities of relationships in contemporary society, which makes it so relatable.

But anyway, need we say more about this jam when you can tap the link above  to stream the ‘Men Can Lie’ video on YouTube?


Songbird Neliah Clinches Massive Comeback With ‘Bonjour’


By Isaac Tugume

Gifted Ugandan female artist Neliah is on a mission to revamp her music career and has kicked off this quest with a spicy new jam dubbed ‘Bonjour’, which is already causing raptures on airwaves across Uganda!

Fresh and steaming hot on the music scene, ‘Bonjour’ is an enthralling jam that stirs intense euphoria in listeners, inducing in everyone the burning desire of wanting to be with their loved ones.

A scintillating party tune, ‘Bonjour’ is a blend of urban Afrobeats with an electrifying rhythm that impacts a very irresistible magnetic force on listeners, making the track so lovable.

With ‘Bonjour’ Neliah is out to alert her fans that she’s back like she never left, and that she has returned with a very loud bang, which is why several people are already streaming the jam on YouTube and digital platforms.

A very spirited and dynamic performer, Neliah brings about new flavour and energetic flair for her audience in ‘Bonjour’, further cementing her ambition of getting to the top of the Ugandan music game.

So guys, in case you haven’t checked out ‘Bonjour’ yet, the jam is a click away, just tap the link above to feel it on YouTube.



Ugandan DJs Embrace ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz


By Isaac Tugume

Several disc spinners in Uganda have fallen in love with ‘Nwanilaako’, a banger by songbird Nina Roz, which has since become a massive hit in the country.

‘Nwanilaako’ is currently one of the freshest jams dominating DJ Playlists for various disc spinners on many TV and radio stations in the country, while others are playing the song back-to-back in nightclubs, bars, and at entertainment events.

Top among the Ugandan DJs who have embraced ‘Nwanilaako’ are DJ Vee of NRG Radio, DJ Manxpat of Urban TV, DJ Ricky, and DJ Romeo, who perform at top night clubs in Kampala, among others.

The massive airplay being accorded to ‘Nwanilaako’ across the country means one thing; Ugandans have since fallen in love with this jam so much that they want to keep listening and vibing to it!

This is highlighted by the over 300 thousand fans who are streaming ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube, whereby the video has attracted over 89K views, while the audio boasts over 123K and counting.

The wave that Nina Roz stirred in the country with ‘Nwanilaako’ is not about to sate and if you intend to make your weekend a blast, it’s the jam for you; just tap the link above!




Emilian Starz Exudes Intimacy & Passion In ‘Nvuga’ 


By Isaac Tugume

‘Nvuga’, a thrilling jam by Ugandan female artist Emilian Satrz, is a tale of endless passionate moments and intimacy, which compels every listener to pause and pay attention the moment the song starts playing.

As she performs this track, Emilian Starz intends to remind her audience that love is not only beautiful but that it’s also always good to share with the world how much your lover means to you.

In essence, she is out to let lovers know that they shouldn’t be shy about what they feel for each other and that they should love selflessly, without fear or favour to anyone.

This is because the cosmic connection between you and your sweetheart can’t be measured with words, but can only be manifested in acts of romance and intimate feelings.

Through ‘Nvuga’ therefore Emilian Starz wants to share these deep feelings with her audience, hoping they will appreciate the gift of love and ensure that they always make their partners know how special it is to have them in their lives.

As we head nearer to Valentine’s Day therefore make sure you and your special someone listen to ‘Nvuga’ every now and often, because it’s a jam that’s ideal for every special moment of your lives.

Go stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube by clicking the link above.



‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Takes Over Ugandan TV & Radio Stations


By Isaac Tugume

Nina Roz has several TV and radio stations across Uganda buzzing with her latest release dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’, a song that has since sparked a frenzy among tens of thousands of her fans.

Since it’s one of the hottest new jams on the Ugandan music scene currently, almost every TV viewer and radio listener is yearning to have a piece of ‘Nwanilaako’.

A very relatable song, ‘Nwanilaako’ serves as a reminder to us all that love is a beautiful and complex emotion that has the power to uplift, inspire, and bring us immense joy, so we shouldn’t give up on people who love us.

Nina Roz however highlights the fact that although people in relationships may face several challenges, it’s during those moments that they should remember the power of love and the significance of perseverance.

Being such an uplifting song, ‘Nwanilaako’ has the attention of several people, with the video boasting over 72K YouTube views while the audio has so far garnered over 123K views and counting.

But the good news is that in case you haven’t chanced upon ‘Nwanilaako’ either on your favourite TV or radio station, just tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube!